It must be admitted that writing bachelor’s theses in English is not easy. Generally, writing bachelor’s theses is not a simple task, let alone a language other than other. The techniques of preparing this type of studies are very different.

Some write a text in first and translate it into English, while others immediately write a paper in English. In addition to the necessary English or sometimes literature, which is a bibliography of work, you may need an English dictionary.

Especially if we deal with professional or technical literature, there may be many words or phrases that may be unknown to us. It is important to clearly define the goal of the BA thesis at the beginning, as well as to put forward the hypotheses that we will be able to verify later.

Writing bachelor’s theses in English is best to start by preparing the right plan of work. In this type of works, i.e. in English, the Harvard style of footnotes is the most common. It differs a lot from the traditional ones at the bottom of the page.

Harvard’s footnotes are placed in the text and we give the initials and the author’s surname. In this case, we do not give the book title, place and year of publication. Full details appear only in the final bibliography.

Writing a BA thesis for the administration in English can certainly be a big step towards a quick career.

Writing bachelor’s theses in English – an introduction to a great career?

Writing bachelor’s theses in English is a great intellectual challenge in English. Let’s be honest: there are specific perspectives in English. Perfect English opens up the perspective of work in both education and business. In education, an English philologist can work at a language school. Another way is to give private lessons. In business, there is a whole spectrum of possibilities. Englishmen can successfully work in transport as freight forwarders. Another option is working in the IT industry or in finance. An English philologist can successfully be a financial advisor who will explain the banking offer to an affluent foreign client in English. In other words, learning English pays off. This is the key to making a quick career.

Writing bachelor’s theses from English Philology is difficult for many students. This work is often the crowning achievement of our many years of learning English. To write such a job, you have to learn for many years. This text will concern a very important thing. Specifically, it will deal with ways to learn English effectively. It can be useful for many people who learn English.

The most effective form of learning English are one-on-one classes, with a good teacher. Thanks to this, we learn in the fastest and most effective way. This is called master system – student. In this way, the best athletes and artists were taught. The larger the group is learning English, the more effective the learning is. The disadvantage of this method is that it is usually a paid method.

And now the methods will be presented free of charge. You can, for example, translate texts from English into other languages. He is fantastic at developing this vocabulary. Another option is watching English films, of course with an English teacher. It is fantastic to learn English.

Skype is another option. Thanks to this, you can speak English with people from around the world. If we find the right people, then we can greatly strengthen the ability to communicate in English. This is very important because this skill is often examined by employers during interviews.

Another option is learning using special computer programs. Currently, there are a lot of them on the market. They can greatly strengthen language skills. The question of their usefulness in learning spoken language is a contentious issue.

 Writing bachelor’s theses from English and Master’s Philology also certainly develops great knowledge of English. These are, of course, activities for people with proficiency in the language of Shakespeare.

Writing bachelor’s theses in English Philology – general reflections.

Writing bachelor’s theses in English Philology is a necessary task if we want to have an undergraduate degree in English. It is also a proof that confirms proficiency in English. With this bachelor’s degree, you can find a very good job in Europe.